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Now purchasing our movies has become much easier. No more DVDs. Just the download links. All movies are €15 (euro). 

For payment and download instructions please email your desirable movie(s) name(s) to: 
We are aiming to reply to all inquiries within 72 hours.

Parents and Children. Series 1-10

Male Dance. Series 1-6

Social Models in Russian Culture. Series 1-5

Striking Technique. Series 1-2

Mezen Painting. Series 1-2


Learn to Dance Quadrille

Learn to Play Balalaika

Wave. Series 1-3

Controlling Opponent Strength

Texas. Series 1-7

Secrets of Mastery. 


School for Instructors. Series 1-5

Russian Cross-Fit : The Log. Series 1-2

Grappling on the Ground. Series 1-5

Cossack Sword. Natalya Kopylova. Series 1-4


Cossack Sword. Yury Sheshukov. Series 1-3


Cossack whips

Cossack zdravoveda 1-4

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