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The ability to rule themselves and to follow the rules in order to win, the ability to recognize something of their own and something of the others in the game, the ability to overcome their fear in order to achieve the goal (dream).

The ability to track the manipulations which block communication with their children, the development of a trustworthy and constructive relationships, choosing an effective mechanism of interaction with the child. And, most importantly children's own change because, they - are the teachers!


All classes are held with the musical accompaniment of balalaika, which creates a stimulating atmosphere for developing determination, overcoming blocks, and inclusion in the overall creative activity.

Game sessions for fathers and children (moms are also welcome, but dads have priority).

It's a unique environment for development - where else would you see so many dads playing with their children? 
All of the games have a psychological basis: they teach children to overcome fears and difficulties, achieve goals, develop the will.

Parents and Children series 1-10 are available to purchase from our Online Shop.

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