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Our Concept & Mission

What society chooses today: the connection between generations, succession or homelessness, alienation from its history, from its people, traditions, family, etc.?

Today's crisis in the social sphere, the spiritual life and culture of society to a large extent are the result of the new generations' alienation from folk traditions which existed for centuries, shifting the dominants and stereotypes of public consciousness towards the ideals of a consumer society.

People's perception and outlook on the world, their system of images and language, beliefs, people's knowledge and skills, customs and traditions, forms of ceremonial and celebratory life in folk culture was developing for thousands of years. The whole experience of practical activities of society was perpetuated Based on tradition. The Entire lifestyle and principles of social relationships (family, community, labour, gender, and age) were regulated based on tradition.

Extant its root meaning, traditional culture contains the most important characteristics and qualities of the ethnic, in which the historical path of each nation is reflected. 
Today, it is necessary to create such forms of activities that would form an environment for collective, effortless upbringing, covering different age groups. Inclusion in mutual upbringing process should be natural, and participation in it would bring joy and satisfaction.


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